Transport to Briksdal Glacier
For more than 100 years


horse carriage in briksdal

For more than 100 years, tourists have been taken by horse and two-wheeled cart in Oldedalen. The ride became very popular and members of most of the royal families of Europe have been carried thus by horse and cart.

In 2004, a new means of transport to Briksdal was offered: "The Troll car". It has greater capacity than the carts and can take many more tourists in towards the famouse glacier.

The trip starts at Briksdalsbre Fjellstove and follow 3 km of roads to the Briksdal Glacier. The road climbs another 200 m above sea level from the starting point to the front of the Glacier.






Oldedalen Skyss will further develop and facilitate tourism in Briksdalen, so that one can give you a unique nature experience that you will remember - and talk about - long after you return home ...




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