TROLL Shuttle

Go on a SAFARI TO the BEAUTIFUL Briksdal Glacier


The most beautiful trip

For more than 100 years the farmers in Oldedalen have transported tourists with horse and carriage. In 2004 the horse and carriage were replaced with the "Troll cars".
The trip starts beside the souvernirshop in Briksdal and takes you to the stand about 700 m away from the glacier. You will have a nice walk to the glacier, into the Jostedal Glacier nationalpark, before the troll car takes you back to starting point.

A round-trip with Troll car takes about 1.5 hours.
Max capacity per car is 7 persons.
Max capacity per departure is a total of 84 persons.

Season from May to October.
In May and October the tours must be booked in advance.



Price 2019

NOK 240.- pr. person, return trip
NOK 120.- pr. person for single way (Sell single only up)

Children aged 8 – 15 years
NOK 120.- pr. person, return trip
NOK 60.- pr. person for single way (Sell single only up)

Children aged 1 - 7 years are free of charge while travelling with adults. 


Group rate on request, minimum 7 pax. 




departure from BRIKSDAL:

09.00 / 09.45 / 10.15 / 11.00 / 11.45 / 12.15 / 13.00 / 13.45 / 14.15 / 15.00 / 15.45 / 16.15 / 17.00

FROM JUNE 3 TO SEPTEMBER 8, The Trollcars have departures from 08.15 to 20.00

From our ramps you can easily enter the car.

It`s recommanded to book the trip with our vehicles in advance.